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tradeshow display banners.

Understanding tradeshow display banners

Tradeshow display banners are a good way of supplementing digital signage and require lower maintenance and acquisition not cost much. Most small and medium-sized businesses prefer display banners to traditional eye-catchy signage. Tradeshow display banners are a good medium for communicating a brand’s message for both indoor and outdoor events. Hopefully, after reading this you find an easy task in choosing a tradeshow display banner.

First-time buyer’s of tradeshow display banners in Kenya might find the task so daunting. In case you are one of those first-time buyers, and you don’t know what you are looking for, we are here to help you make up your mind.

Types of tradeshow display banners

  1. Roll Up Banners (Pull up / retractable banners) – A standard size roll up banner is normally 0.85m in width and 2m in height. It is a good solution for indoor signage. They are also lightweight making them a good marketing solution for those who do marketing gigs from place to place.
  2. Billboards are very large posters or banners used for outdoor advertising. When using these ones you have to pay ancillary costs to local authorities. The main idea behind them is to deliver a low cost per impression since it is meant to be seen by very many people.
  3. Teardrop banners are flags with the shape of a teardrop. The custom design is put using a dye sublimation process. They have a lightweight aluminum and fiberglass flagpole. The flagpole is bendable, keeping the flag tight with or without wind. They stand on a cross base stand or sticking to the ground. Teardrop banners make advertising simple and effective. Teardrops are resistant to weather changes and very durable
  4. Backdrop banners cover the entire area between the floor and the ceiling. They are suitable for use during fashion events, product activation events, photography, red carpet gala, and many others.
  5. Suspended banners aim at maximizing the promotional message by suspending them above a crowd by use of rods and cables.
  6. Pop-up banners
  7. X-stand
choosing a tradeshow display banner. Tradeshow display banners in Kenya. Roll-up Banners in Kenya

Factors to consider when choosing Tradeshow Display Banners

Both small and big businesses use tradeshow display banners in events to amplify their brand message, to reinforce their existence in the industry or to catch the attention of their prospective clients.

However, the cost implications, the space available and the message to display are factors to consider when choosing an appropriate display banner. Some banners are small in size, others are relatively bigger, while others are made to custom measurements.

Also worth mentioning is the fact that all banners have a unique thing to display.

Here are the two factors to consider when choosing a tradeshow display banner :

1. Venue space – before producing a display banner, it is important to send company representatives to survey the amount of space available on the event site. If space is big, you can go for the big banners and if space is small go for the small ones.

2. Portability – As a branding company in Kenya, we advocate for making of durable banners that can be transported to and from different exhibitions without much hassle.

For more tips on choosing the right display banner, click here

Promotional Message Banner
Pop-up display banners in Kenya

Backdrop Banner

Roll up banners in Kenya

Roll Up Banner

Teardrop banners in Kenya

Teardrop Banner

X-stand banners in Kenya

X-stand banner

Understanding display banners.
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Understanding display banners.
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