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5 Benefits of business signage in Kenya

5 Benefits of business signage in Kenya

Business signage in Kenya plays an important role in both startups and big companies. They have a great visual impact on prospective customers. This visual impact in turn leads to more traffic hence more sales. We build bespoke outdoor and indoor signs in Kenya.


Some of the business signs you would explore include: lightbox signs (backlit signs), Panels (non-illuminated), 3D signs, and Acrylic signs.


NOTE: to stand out from the competition, you have to make a creative and eye-catchy sign. This would involve the use of lighting on your signs, and/or make use of 3D signs.


Signs are of great significance to a business. They are a business marketing strategy essential. They can be used to draw attention to promotions. Business signage helps to convey information about business products and services. Signs are visible 24 hrs. a day, 365 days in a year, which makes them a lasting solution for brand visibility.


5 Benefits of business signage in Kenya. 


With digital disruption, advertising has become like a tug of war. Small business owners are making their efforts to break through the noise. Consumers are not paying close attention to their efforts. Signage is acting as a silent salesperson for most businesses. Outdoor signs are drawing traffic to your business while interior signs help customers locate merchandise in a retail store.


Relevance to customers – business signs allow you to advertise the right message to the right customer at the right time. They are contextual and more impactful. It’s easy for them to persuade a prospective customer than it is for other forms of advertisement.


Flexibility and personalization – digital signage enables a business to adapt to a consumer. They could display a certain traffic message in the morning, and display a different one in the afternoon. They can also display a different message at a retail store at different times of the day.


The bonus of unfamiliarity – Today’s consumer is overwhelmed with many forms of adverts. As a result, they perceive the messages selectively. Signage has an edge over these forms of advertisements because of unfamiliarity. They capture and hold our attention.


Interactive capability and consumer control – unlike broadcast medium, signage allows consumers to take control. This helps your advertisement to be less imposed on consumers. Consumers can interact with your content on its own merits. This reduces the negativity associated with pushy ads.


Better customer experience – With relevance, personalization, flexibility, interactivity, and consumer control, you establish a better customer experience. Signage can entertain, inform, and persuade. This cannot be said about shouting irrelevant messages to a customer. It, therefore, allows you to be interesting, at the right time.


NB: for good signage, you need to define your audience and your objectives. This goes a long way in getting an accurate picture of ROI. Figure out who your consumer is, what they want, where they spend time, their emotional profile, their fears, desires, and ambitions.

Factors to consider while installing outdoor and indoor business signs in Kenya

After figuring out who your customer is, consider the following for your outdoor and indoor signs in Kenya.


Placement – install your sign in light wit demographic alignment. Ensure people can see and read your signage. Also, remember volume is secondary to relevance. So make it as relevant as possible.


Design – Remember interruption can break patterns and create attention. Your time to make an impression is limited. Therefore, do not slow down comprehension.


Message- signage should embrace simplicity. The idea of one message, one focus, one response. Microsoft’s 2015 Attention Spans report is famous for putting the average human attention span at only eight seconds – one second less than a goldfish. If you make it congested, you get an impression but you won’t make an impact.


Signage puts the consumer first – consumers and producers hate advertising to some extent. The real reason they hate Ads is because of intrusive, irrelevant Ads being forced down one’s throat. Consider the Hubspot Adblock Plus study, in which 83% of respondents agree or strongly agree that they would block ads on their mobiles and tablets completely.


Signage is beautiful because it gives consumers a better advertising experience. It is interesting, entertaining, and engaging. Any business can, therefore, benefit from investing in business signage in Kenya.