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Differences between Pylon and Monument Signs

Differences between Pylon and Monument Signs

Differences between Pylon and Monument Signs

Pylon and Monument Signs are fascinating custom signage solutions for big businesses are very long-lasting solutions for signages.

Monument and Pylon signs are quite expensive contrary to lightweight signs.

This post gives you insights on the pylon and monuments signs to help you make correct decisions.

Don’t get in a  situation where you acquire a monument sign, and a few weeks later you realize a pylon sign will serve your interests better.

Differences between Pylon and Monument Signs.

Pylon signs are very big signages meant to communicate a brands identity to people from very long distances. Conversely, monument signs are about six feet(6ft) (recommended size 5ft) that communicates your brand message at an eye-height.

Monument signs engulf themselves very well in your landscape.

How applicable pylon and monument signs in our businesses today?

In industrial areas, where the distance between manufacturing plants and warehouses is considerably long we use the pylon signs.

Most shopping malls use pylon signs to display the names of the businesses in those malls. These signs are also suitable along highways to catch the eye of drivers from a distance.

Most monument signs are common on organizations lawns. These type of signs add some flair to an organization’s look. A customer’s confidence goes up mainly because of these types of signs. For real estate owners, monument signs increase the aesthetic value of your property.

Pylon and monument signs are more engaging and effective signage solutions that your organization might consider getting at some point.

Monument signs mostly on the gates of big hotels and high-end apartments.

Most hospitals, factories, and petrol stations use the pylon signs.

Our advice to you is to consider two factors before deciding which one to go with between pylon and monument signs.

Your target audience

If you want your brand elements to be seen by people in your locality it is advisable you go for the monument signs.

For people to see your business from very far away you should consider erecting a pylon sign.

What are your needs?

In places with a group of the single-shop areas, pylon signs help you stand out from the rest.

The extra height of these signs alerts people about your business presence from a very long distance.

Both pylon and monument signs are fully customizable according to your needs.

Are you ready to choose the right sign for your business?