One of our commercial printing solutions is custom calendar printing in Kenya. We help you customize and personalize with relevant information for effectiveness.

Custom desktop and wall calendars are a great marketing tool for businesses. Our solution covers desktop and wall calendar printing in Kenya.

Custom calendars present all year round advertising. For desktop and wall calendar printing in Kenya, you need a company that is able to deliver on a wide range of needs.

Calendars serve as a medium for exposure for different businesses. We help you from conceptualization to the final product. Most institutions and charity organizations use calendars to connect with clients.

Our services for desktop and wall calendar printing in Kenya has been here for a long period of time. We print all custom calendars on papers ranging from art paper 150gsm to art card 300gsm. It depends on the customer’s preference.

Some of the stunning finishes for calendars are wire-to-wire binding and UV varnish.

Benefits of custom calendar printing in Kenya

Calendars offer year-round exposure . They are a great way to showcase your company year-round.

They are unique marketing materials . The business environment is getting competitive by the day. You need unique marketing materials to help you stand out from the crowd.

Since we print them in full color, they are appealing. The personalization enhances the bond between your customer and your brand.

Calendars are functional. They help in planning for the day and events. Calendars would go a long way in keeping your appointments.

Calendar Designs

We help you create custom designs for your calendars. As a client, you supply as with photos. All our custom designs are very affordable.

Calendars make your brand an integral part of your customer’s daily routine.

We tell our clients to make their designs less ‘salesy’. The less ‘salesy’ they are, the more likely they are usable throughout the year.

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