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Signage Services in Kenya

Mutasya Solutions helps clients create bespoke custom 3D signage services in Kenya. Signage plays a big role in creating the first impression for any business.
There are so many endless possibilities for business signage in Kenya.
The variety ranges from simple panels to complex 3D signages. We ensure our customers get the best available lighting for their illuminated signage. This ensures the signage lasts a long period of time.
Precision is our goal while executing projects involving signage services in Kenya. Mutasya Solutions supplements sign manufacture with signage repair and maintenance.
Signage maintenance ensures sign elements last long. It minimizes the risk of the print fading away and increases the lifespan of the sign lighting.

Illuminated Signs.

Illuminated signs are those signs which light at night. We manufacture and install lightboxes and 3D signs.
Most backlit signs have a special type of canvas that allows light to pass through from the back. All signage works are collaborative. They involve fabrication of metal frames. Then you tension it on the metal frame, and of course the lighting system by an electrician.


3D signage in Kenya

Three-dimensional signs are the biggest thing in the signage industry. The most costly. They add a depth to a flat design making them eye-catchy as opposed to 2D, lightboxes and other signs.
Most signage manufacturers in Kenya produce famous 3D acrylic signs. It’s the client’s choice whether to make the 3D signage out of wood, perspex or cast metal.

Pylon Signage and Monument Signage

Business signage projects make use of pylon and monument signs. These signs are common on most real estate projects, hospitals and petrol stations.
So what’s the difference between the pylon and monument signs?
Well, Monument signs are signs that are no taller than five feet (5ft). Monument signs display your brand at eye height. But, Pylon signs, are very tall. Pylons attract the attention of people from a very long distance.
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