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 Mutasya Solutions

Mutasya solutions Ltd is a full-service printing company in Kenya. We have been in the printing industry for a long period of time and have first and information about the changing landscape of the printing industry.

Over the past few years, we have experienced a very rapid change in the printing industry and have re-aligned ourselves to ensure we continue providing valuable services.

Our work is quite demanding sometimes but we have maintained high standards in the way we do our work. Feedback from the customers we serve to enables us to improve on our services immensely.

Printing Services in Kenya

We offer digital, offset, large-format and screen printing services in Kenya.  Basically, every printing job has a printing method it calls for. Some are meant for massive production while others are meant for production of fewer copies.

Digital printing services in Kenya.

Digital printing involves the use of laser and ink-jet machines to produce certain pieces of work. It consists of images from digital files such as pdf or those from graphics design software such as illustrator. You command these files to a printer directly from a computer. Some of the media substrates used for digital printing include paper, fabric, photo paper, canvas, and others. Read more on digital printing

Some of the products of digital printing include business cards, flyers, brochures, booklets, company profiles, and other small quantities of print media.

Offset printing Services in Kenya.

Contrary to digital printing, offset printing involves the use of paper plates to transfer images on different media substrates. The process here involves typesetting and design, color separation then the printing process itself.

Other post-press processes are available to improve on the quality of print finish. They include lamination, die-cut, UV varnish, Collation, and binding.

Offset printing is specifically for the production of large quantities of print media. Such print media includes magazines, brochures, reports, custom booklets, wall and desktop calendars, and many others.

Offset printing is the most budget-friendly means of production available.

Digital press machines are on the rise nowadays and we are experiencing a fast turn around in print media production.

Fill in the form on our contact page to request a quote for our printing services.

Screen printing services in Kenya.

When it comes to printing on T-shirts, tote-bags, Umbrellas, Caps, Paper, Wood, Ceramics, that is where screen printing wins.

Screen printing is well known for producing large amounts of T-shirts at very low prices compared to other means of printing.

Screen printing has an excellent quality-price ratio for large print runs perfect color reproduction, the durability of personalized items and printouts that are resistant to many washing procedures.

We recommend silk screen printing for designs of up to four spot colors e.g logos, phrases, and simple vector graphics.

Large Format Printing services in Kenya

Large format printing involves the use of special equipment that can accommodate bigger than normal print dimensions. These equipment prints on print materials that are larger than the readily available sizes of commercial printing presses.

Some of the products of large format printing are backlit signs, teardrop banners, flags, billboards, telescopic banners, roll-up banners, stickers for vehicle wraps and wall branding. as well as horizontal banners

Printing Services in Kenya