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Signage is a big part of any business worldwide. It helps a business tap into the passing traffic. It is a sure way of finding direction in some of the busiest cities in the world.

Digital or custom signs distinguish businesses from others making them easily findable. We see signs at various petrol stations

Doing signage in a proper manner breathes life into a brand. Choice of colors and getting a good logo is a great start to making better signage.

Signage services in Kenya

Mutasya helps clients create amazing bespoke first impressions with the use of custom 3D signage services in Kenya. Having implemented several signage turnkey projects in the past we confidently say the signage solutions have limitless possibilities.

The variety ranges from simple panels to complex 3D signages. We ensure our customers get the best available lighting for their illuminated signage. This ensures the signage lasts a long period of time.

Precision is our goal while executing projects involving signage services in Kenya. Apart from signage manufacturing, we also offer signage repair and maintenance to ensure your brand elements don’t fade away with the changing weather.

Illuminated Signs.

Illuminated signs are those signs which light at night. They include simple backlit signs, lightbox with push-through letters, 3D signs, and LED signs.

Backlit signs are made from the printing of a special type of canvas that can be lit from the back, hence the name backlit sign. After printing the backlit, it is then fastened or tensioned onto a fabricated metal frame using either rivets or adhesives and a lighting system is made for it.

The lightbox with push through letters is used occasionally for those people who want letters to extrude on the outside of their canvas signs. They are also lit from the back.

3D signage in Kenya

Three-dimensional signs are the biggest thing in the signage industry, perhaps the most costly. They add a depth to a flat design making them eye-catchy as opposed to 2D, lightboxes and other signs.

Most signage manufacturers in Kenya produce famous 3D acrylic signs. 3D signage can be made out of wood, perspex or cast metal.

Pylon Signage and Monument Signage

Our signage services in Kenya doesn’t end on 3D signs. The more signs we call pylon sign while others are called monument signs.

So what’s the difference between the pylon and monument signs?

Well, Monument signs are signs that are no taller than five feet (5ft). Monument signs display your brand at eye height. On the other hand Pylon signs, are very tall. They are specifically designed to attract the attention of people from a very long distance.

Learn more on the pylon and monument signs here

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Signage Services in Kenya. [Manufacture, Installation, Maintenance]
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Signage Services in Kenya. [Manufacture, Installation, Maintenance]
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Digital or custom signs distinguish businesses from others making them easily findable. Mutasya helps clients create bespoke first impressions with the use of custom 3D signage services in Kenya, illuminated and non-illuminated signs in Kenya. We manufacture, Install and Maintain signages. It doesn't matter the size.