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 Mutasya Solutions

We have been one of the snapper frames suppliers in Kenya for a vast period of time.

Snapper frames are sleek, easy to use and visually appealing poster frames. They are specifically designed to alienate the need for complex signage solutions while doing your marketing campaigns.

Snapper frames are operated by spring-loaded action on all four corners of the frame, which enables the owner to easily change the poster from time to time whenever the need arises.

Aluminium snapper frames are also light-weight making them easy to move around to position them to strategic places where customers can easily view.
Aluminium snapper frames suppliers in Kenya

We are your branding partner and snapper frames suppliers in Kenya.

Snapper frames are long-lasting because of the materials that make them. Mainly aluminium is used to make snapper frames.

The fact that it is easy to change the posters makes them great for flexible messaging.

We also have A-stands. Basically, easy to assemble double-sided aluminium frames that have a foot base. These can be used for outdoor use.

When you purchase grip frames from any of the snapper frames suppliers in Kenya, you get a transparent PVC. This PVC heps to protect your graphics from dirt, wear and tear.

Applications of Snapper Frames :

They are ideal for use in bars, restaurants, businesses, educational institutions, offices and any location where the regular messaging in necessary.

The back of these snapper frames is normally a rigid plastic panelling.


To order for snapper frames kindly call +254-711-307594 or fill in the contact form on the contacts pageĀ 

Benefits of using Snapper Frames

  1. Easy to use – the spring-hinged corners make it easy for them to open on all sides of the frame. This makes it easy to change the posters from time to time.
  2. Easily portable – Snapper frames or as also known as clip frames or grip frames are lightweight. This makes it easy to display the frames at strategic places.
  3. Reusable – grip frames are specifically made to ensure it’s easy to change the poster whenever the need arises. This makes them a long-lasting solution to complex signage. This also saves you costs in the long run. All you do is print the poster and put it there contrary to when you are making a custom sign every time.
  4. Sleek- closing the snapper frame simply requires you to snap back the panels into place giving you a sleek edge around your graphics.

To see other uses of snapper frames click here

We take pride in being one of the snapper frames suppliers in Kenya because we know it is a viable economic solution to complex signage.

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