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We have an amazing selection of banner stands for your events. Banner stands are a good way of communicating and turning heads towards your display booth at any event.

Despite the changing digital landscape, banners continue to be a big part of advertising in the current world. Banners are highly effective, inexpensive and communicate the message in a straightforward manner.

Banners provide an effective and subtle way to engage your audience. You can mount a banner anywhere there is a lot of traffic. To do that you have to have permissions from the local authorities. You pay some ancillary costs to the local government then put it up in a strategic place. This ensures your company name or product is visible to as many people as possible.

Tradeshow display banners in Kenya

Tradeshow display banners in Kenya play a very vital role in product activations, agricultural shows, and events. The communicate the theme of the events or even the most important information about a product in a nutshell.

We intend to supply affordable tradeshow display banners in Kenya.

You as an exhibitor have to carefully create the message to display on your banner, as well as select a display banner that resonates with the event you are putting up.

Display banners are in different sizes to suit different sizes of events. A simple tradeshow would probably need like one roll up banner, a tabletop display or even a simple X-banner.

For you to stand out for the right reasons we have a variety of selection of banners to fit every space. Every banner serves a different purpose according to your needs.

The most common types of tradeshow display banners in Kenya include: Roll-up banners alias retractable banners, Teardrop banners, Telescopic banners, Backdrop banners, Horizontal banners  for use in street adverts and roadshows, Pop-up banners which are common sports events such as safari rallies, X-Banners

Understanding tradeshow display banners in Kenya

There is a wide range of display banners you can choose from in the world. Here we only focus on the most common ones in Kenya and how they are used.

Roll-up Banners are vertical banners that have a base. The base normally comes in two types. That is the narrow base and the broad base. They are portable for putting anywhere.

Teardrop banners are perfect for both indoor and outdoor events. Their shape ensures the fabric is always tight and they can outstand changing weather conditions

Backdrop Banners are common in places of photography, events promotions, shows, and red carpets galas, corporate events and many more.


To help you understand the functionalities of each banner as listed above, click here 

We endeavor to constantly add to the selection of our display banners. For ideas on how to create effective banners read more

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We have an amazing selection of banner stands for your events. Banner stands are a good way of communicating and turning heads towards your display booth at any event. Our display banners include roll-up banners, teardrops banners, backdrop banners, telescopic banners, and others. Send us your artwork, let us deliver to you the complete product.